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Tahmoh Penikett @ Dallas Con

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ALRIGHT!!! Holy Crap. Here… @mishacollins so I used a hashtag instead…shoot me in the face. Alright, that’s it…I’m out.

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Caramel chiffon cake by pandaimeeceats
IG: pandaimeec

Congratulations pandaimeeceats for having the winning post this Sunday!



Caramel chiffon cake by pandaimeeceats

IG: pandaimeec

Congratulations  for having the winning post this Sunday!

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i’m always angry.

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Candy Corn Cupcakes

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Yeah, like that matters.

It does! Sometimes, that’s all that matters.

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"One day in the subway, James saw a red cat with a wound to the leg that likely resulted from a fight with another cat. It was obvious that the cat needed help. James could not pass and took the cat to the vet. With a little medical treatment and prescription drugs, the cat quickly recovered. At that point, James found it impossible to say goodbye to Street Cat Bob. Bob followed James everywhere he went. As James played the guitar on the street and Bob sat nearby, revenues increased dramatically. People found it difficult to pass when they looked at the cute kitty. James went on to write a book describing their adventures in the street which was full of life – both dramatic and comedic. In the book, James says that he could not have imagined how meeting Bob would change his life. His friendship with the cat healed him from a life that had been very hard. Most likely, if Bob could speak, he would say the same thing.”

Um, so here is a book I am going to go BUY… NOW.